Operator Software Agreement

A no-nonsense flat fee for software, support, and updates.

Email support

Scheduled live chats


Access to an expansive knowledgebase

In-depth machine and server log investigation

Remote deployment of ongoing updates

Continuing hardware diagnostics


for each machine

Our business model

We like to keep things simple. We manufacture hardware, develop source-available software, and have no access to your data or that of your users.

For use of our software, and to receive ongoing updates and assistance, we require that your machines be registered with us. Unlike our competitors, we charge a flat fee for these services, rather than taking a cut out of each transaction.

This program aligns the users of our software with support of its continued development and integration of feature requests.

First time setup

New operators and Lamassu machines receive six month's free registration in order to assist with setting up the server, the backend admin, and learning all aspects of the machine's operation. This includes hardware warranty coverage during this time as well.

What service can I expect?

You will get the full dedication of our highly knowledgeable tech team. They will work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure your machine is running with maximum stability and reliability. They are at your disposal whether it's a matter of a simple setting modification or a more involved bug fix that requires roping in our developers until it's done.

If I don't sign up, will I get software updates?

Unregistered machines function as-is. We do not have a kill-switch to throw, unlike competitors whose machines feature black-box code.

However, registration is required for continued use of our licensed software releases, and for us to deploy or assist with updates to your admin or machine. Registration ensures that we can provide ongoing feature development and software improvements.

If I don't sign up, will I get any tech support?

Only during your first six months as an operator for any software-related matter. Machines must be signed up for the OSA following that period for any form of support.

Can I register one of my four machines?

Registration provides support for an individual's total operation, reflected by those machines currently in the field. It's full coverage, so that we'll be there for issues regardless of which machine or Lamassu Admin they are paired with. When registering your machines, it must be for your entire fleet.

How are payments made for registration?

Payments can be made via Bitcoin or bank wire every six months, or every 12 months for a 5% discount.