Douro $6,000.00

The best dressed and most advanced Bitcoin ATM yet.

Douro Front Profile

The Douro is the newest model of our original cash to Bitcoin machine, which was the first Bitcoin ATM to hit the market. We sought then to make it tantalizingly easy to obtain Bitcoins via a machine and invented a device that did just that. Our new Douro is now the fastest and most user friendly Bitcoin ATM to date.

All machines are manufactured by skilled craftsmen in Northern Portugal.

We provide a 12 month warranty on all hardware and one month of free system support. Ongoing technical support and updates are available for a flat fee of $100 per month.


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Global acceptance and counterfeit detection

No matter where you are and which currency you use, we’ll support it. And that support includes using the absolute best anti-counterfeit bill validating machines available.

Brains meet brawn

For security, we have an interior vault built of 6mm SSAB Hardox steel that secures to our supplied 8mm steel mounting plate or optional floor stand with heavy duty m12 bolts. Our software is all open source, and open to external scrutiny by any party.

Our compliance solution is easy too

Thorough but not intrusive, compliant but super quick. No need for biometrics, our systems simply hooks up to third party service databases. US and Canada users can just scan their driver’s license.

All features at a glance

6mm hardened Swedish steel vault, 2.5mm steel enclosure

Advanced open source admin backend enables full remote control of machine

Top of the line anti counterfeit bill validation

Decentralized operation ensures no single point of failure

Holds up to 600 bank notes and accepts currencies in nearly 200 countries

Independence: Operation with or without third-party services

Supports leading exchanges, wallets and price feeds

Flat rate support fee - we do not take a cut of your transactions or profits

Machine UI Add new cash-out option with our Santo Tirso stand

An award winning design

The form of our Douro Bitcoin Machine is the brainchild of Portuguese industrial designer, and now close friend, Cláudio Castro. Our machine was designed to be minimalist and clean, to be friendly to approach and intuitive to use.

The public presence of our machines has always been eye catching and inviting and was voted “Best ATM Design” at the Blockchain Awards in Amsterdam, May 2014.

Design only begins with the Hardware. The graphic design of our user and operator interfaces were imagined by a trio of deliberate artists in Berlin. Together we made certain that the user experience would not be an afterthought, but rather the essence of our product.

Three simple steps

Getting Bitcoins has never been easier.

Technical specs

... because size matters

Douro Side Profile 289 mm deep
Douro Front Profile 481 mm high 356 mm wide
Weight 49 kgs
Screen 10” (1280x800)
Operating system Linux
Network connections Ethernet, WiFi
Bill validator JCM iVizion
Supported currencies All (well, over 99%)
Power rating 150W
Voltage 100 - 240VAC (anywhere in the world)

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