Service Level Agreement

Our code is free, our time you may rent.

Email support

Scheduled live chats

In-depth machine and server log investigation

Full assistance during the upgrade process

Availability of beta releases


for the first machine


for each additional machine

Our business model

We like to keep things simple. We manufacture hardware, develop open source software and have always growing self-help resources available for operators.

We do not take a cut of your profit. That's 0% fee from us on any of your transactions. We have no access to you backend or any of your or your user's info.

Our technical support is by design optional, you own your machine outright and the software is open to all. This being said, we do highly recommend it if you do not have your own dedicated tech support team.

First time setup

New operators get a month's free support in order to assist with setting up the server, the backend admin and learning all aspects of the machine's operation.

What service can I expect?

You will get the full dedication of our highly knowledgeable tech team. They will fight tirelessly on your behalf to have your machine working at maximum stability and reliability. They are at your disposal whether it's a matter of a simple setting modification or a more involved bug fix that requires harassing our developers until it's done.

If I don't sign up, will I get software updates

Yes, we don't keep the software from non-subscribers. However, if you want the latest non-stable beta release you will have to install it yourself directly from our Github repo. The reason for this is that beta releases inevitably require more support, which we cannot provide to non-subscribers.

If I don't sign up, will I get any tech support

Only during your first month as an operator or in handling a hardware warranty issue.

That being said, if you experience a bug of some sort, please do report it. While you won't get immediate assistance, we will make an effort to resolve the issue in our continued development.

Can I sign up one of my four machines?

Unfortunately, no. The SLA provides supports for an individual's total operation, reflected by those machines currently in the field. It's full coverage, so that we'll be there for issues regardless of which machine or server they originate from. If you subscribe to the SLA, it must be for your entire fleet.